Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunny Monday

Hi all! What a lovely day we had today - sunny and slightly warm - a pleasant change from the past week of storms! I am making (slow) progress on Mary Wigham. I am introducing more of my colours now and I still love it. I don't know how this piece is going to turn out, since I picked my own colours and I'm using it where it appeals to me. This should at least keep me interested in the piece, which is good - I have a chronic disease when it comes to starting new projects!

I plan to add a slide show to my blog to showcase some of my completed projects from my "stitching career". The photos will be added slowly but surely:) I have quite a few to take, since I have been stitching since I was four years old - thanks to my mom!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mary Wigham Update

I have made some progress on my Mary Wigham SAL - I love the way the colours are coming together. Part 4 of the SAL is available for free download on the Needleprint blog.

I am stitching the initials in white DMC Satin Thread - I don't want the initials to be too obvious, but I still want them to be there. I hope to make good progress on this piece over the next couple of days, since it is still very cold and raining most of the time - and they say we have another cold front on the way for tomorrow!

I completed this Jane Austen sampler recently. It is in the March 2007 issue of The Gift Of Stitching online magazine. I love this magazine, since it can be downloaded so easily and contains a great selection of samplers - it is difficult to find stitching magazines over here. I stitched it on cream Linda in DMC cotton. The original design had a different motif on the right hand side of the house, but I found it too 'heavy', so I changed it to a small crown. That's it for now - time for a hot cup of tea!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cold and Wet

It is cold and wet here today - ideal stitching weather!

I have been making slow progress on my Mary Wigham SAL, but have completed a small freebie by Dany. This lovely design can be found here. I stitched it in DMC stranded cotton - I just love the subtle colours.

I sure hope to complete page 1 of Mary Wigham soon - I have a lot of catching up to do! Happy stitching until next time!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mary Wigham SAL

Welcome to my first blog entry! I recently started the Mary Wigham SAL. This wonderful reproduction chart is available as a free download from The aim is to preserve the original 1790 sampler, therefore a donation of $1 per download would be appreciated. The chart will be available over nine weeks. I am stitching mine on a 28 count white evenweave in DMC colour variations and DMC stranded cotton. I am only on page one now and page three is already available!