Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Start!

Hello from a cold and wet Cape Town - it is back to Winter here! Low temperatures and rain predicted for the rest of the week - like I always say - great stitching weather!

I couldn't resist any longer and started Scheherazade from Heaven and Earth Designs a few days ago. It certainly doesn't look like much now and probably won't for a long time :) I started at the bottom in the middle, so I'm making my way up to her gorgeous dress.
I am stitching it 2 over 2 on a 28ct evenweave, which it much easier for me to see and should make it a more enjoyable stitch. My boyfriend was so fascinated with the size of the fabric that he took a picture of me holding it! To my defence - I left very large borders and I'm not very tall, so it's really not THAT bad :) (I'm thinking of it like stitching a portrait, so it is allowed to be big.)
I am enjoying working on it very much, even though it is just random stitching at this stage. I will definitely alternate this project with WIPs and ornaments so that I can see progress on something!
Until next time, happy stitching!


Unknown said...

LOL - that IS a big piece, Michelle! But I agree, we can take our time, no hurry :) LOL, it is huge! It is going to be so much fun. :)

Daniela said...

Great start on your new project. And yes, that is a big piece.

Wendy said...

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog !
that certanly is a big piece of fabric !
funny how people all have their own way of working, I always start in the middle of the fabric, but a lot start on the side.
I'd love to see how you progress !