Monday, May 24, 2010

A few stitching and craft related pics

Another two weeks have gone by since my last post - I can hardly believe it! I haven't been doing a lot of stitching these past few weeks, but here are some stitchy, crafty pics to share.

Aren't these cupcake chocolates too cute? They were the craze around here this Mother's day - I gave some to my mom, but insisted on taking some pics before they could be eaten :) They had a soft chocolate centre.
These cuties where purchased at a different store - can you see the theme here? They had a strawberry filling! I think I should try to reproduce these in Fimo at some stage :)
A few weeks ago Annie showed an Altoid tin that she covered with some of her lovely stitching and I mentioned that we don't get Altoids over here. So, what did Annie do? She sent me two tins of these 'curiously strong mints'. Thank you so much Annie - I'll be on the lookout for something to stitch to cover them! At the moment I'm enjoying the mints, especially the Wintergreen flavour.
I coloured some fabrics a few weeks ago - pink, green, blue and some blue-green. I'm not sure what they will be used for yet :) The colours don't show up so well in the photo - the colours are actually a bit deeper that in the pic.
I also tried to 'variegate' some of the fabrics - this one is green and pink - it should be fun to stitch on. (Once again, the colours are more intense in person than on the photo)
I also coloured some of this dark natural colour - I absolutely love this shade - I am currently using a similar piece for Feather Fairy.
Lastly, a little bit of stitching! I stitched this little Celtic knot design a few weeks ago and still need to finish it into a pinkeep. I will probably use the fabric in the background to finish it - it matches very well with the yellow-golds in the stitched piece.
I am working on another small design at the moment and hope to share it soon.

As you might have noticed, all my stitching plans and goals are deteriorating, so I am contemplating an evil plan. You know the kind - when your stitching mojo/momentum is lost - there is only one thing to do. A new start! I am seriously contemplating a new (big) start of a piece that I have been admiring on a few blogs over the last couple of months. Maybe now is the time to get it started - will keep you posted:)

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Stitching!


Annie said...

Yummy cupcakes! Your dyed fabbies are gorgeous. You can use one for that new start you're planning. Nice stitching on the abstract design.

Enjoy your curiously strong mints and I'll look forward to your embellishing the tins!

Vinniey said...

The cupcake chocolates looks so yummy and delicious! I'm admiring Annie's Altoids tin too, looking forward to see you Altoids tin's cover design and your new start. :) Beautiful dyed fabrics, I love the green and dark natural color fabrics.

Edit said...

Hmmmm, those cupcakes!!! :) And the Altoid tins are great, we don't get them here either. I'm looking forward to see how are you going to use them, what stitching, etc. The fabrics are beautiful, and a new strat?? Sounds exciting! :)

Wendy said...

wauw, I absolutely love your fabrics !
I´ve been thinking about dying my own fabric, but haven´t had the courage to do so yet.
your cupakes look jummy, I do hope you sample tested them ?

Carol said...

I've never seen cupcake chocolates, but they combine two of my favorite things, so I know I would love them!
Your did a great job on your dyeing, Michelle--what a beautiful variety you've created...

Erna said...

The fabrics are wonderful, and I like the Celtic knot.And I don't want to talk about the cupcakes...I envie you they look gorgeous..

Siobhán said...

Nice Celtic knot! I like how the fabrics turned out. The cupcakes look too good to eat!

Mylene said...

I so love the fabrics you've dyed especially the 'variegate'one, great job!

The celtic knot finish looks loveley and looking forward to see your new project.

Lonneke said...

These chocolats look yummie!
Great job on the dyeing! Your fabbies look beautiful. As does your knot. And I can't wait to see what you will do with those cans! So sweet of Annie to sent you them.

Nicky said...

Yummo, chocolate and cupcake together! Your fabrics are amazing - what gorgeous colors. Can't wait to see that big new start!

Lainey said...

Yummy cupcakes! Your fabrics are just gorgeous and perfect fab to finish off your lovely pinkeep.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those chocolates look devine!

Your little celtic piece is very cute.

Wow you do a fabulous job dying yoru own fabrics.

Olga said...

These cupcakes look so good.
I just love your fabbies and the Celtic design, can't wait to see your new start.