Monday, October 12, 2009

Christmas Stocking WIP

Hi from a cold and wet Cape Town! It is storming here today - very unusual for this time of year!

Since my Mary Wigham is having a 'rest' again, I decided to resume work on a Christmas WIP. I started it last year, but didn't get too far :) It is a stocking out of the book 'Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection'. It is a lovely book and contains 15 beautiful stockings by various designers.

This one is called 'Teddy the Bear & Friends' and is designed by Linda Gillum.

This is just a photo to show you how much I still have to do on it! I hope to finish it this time and have it ready for Christmas.
The animals have a lot of detail and, yes, a lot of backstitch! I backstitched this bird when I was working on it last year - the backstitching really brings it to life. (You will notice that backstitch is my enemy - I have loads of finished projects just waiting for their backstitch - I certainly hope this piece won't fall into that category when I get the cross stitching done!)
I am also still working on Scheherazade, but I'm still not on her dress! I am trying to build a solid base for the dress before I work towards the top again, but it takes a lot of stitching without seeing a picture :( That is the problem with starting at the bottom! At least I'm still enjoying it very much :)
That's it for now - have a great week!


Mylene said...

The stocking design you are working looks great. Hope you can finish it in time for this christmas. I understand about backstitching as i am no fun of them myself but in some charts, backstitching is needed to finish off the design.

have a good week.

Carol said...

Oh, my! Your stocking will be just beautiful when it's finished Michelle...You are very ambitious to try to finish before Christmas. I'll look forward to seeing your progress :)

Lonneke said...

That dear looks very beautiful. And the bird is so pretty. Your stitching looks excellent!
I know about the backstitches! Not my favourite job as well. I try to solve that by doing them as soon as possible; so I'm not waiting till all off the cross stitching is done, just as you did with the bird.

I love the colors of Sheherazade, you doing a great job

L'Aiguille au Fil du Temps said...

Encore beaucoup de travail jusqu'à Noël ! Cette chaussette est magnifique...

Olga said...

pretty stitching on both WIPs.