Monday, October 19, 2009

Train Birth Sampler

Finally I can share this! I stitched this train as a birth sampler for my boyfriend's sister's son (I guess that would make him his nephew), Michael, earlier this year. I didn't know when the Christening would be, so I finished it soon after his birth in April and guess what - the Christening was yesterday! The poor sampler was 'hiding' in the cupboard for five months!

Here you can see it laced over board - it is up to his parents to choose a frame. I made a Noah's Ark birth sampler for Michael's older sister, Emma, two years ago, but unfortunately I don't have a photo of it.
I stitched it on antique white Jubilee from a chart in a magazine (I think it was a Cross Stitcher).

There is such a lot of detail in this piece, here are a few close up pics:
The elephant is probably my favourite. There was also a lot of backstitch!

Look at this cute fellow! Did I mention all the backstitching and that I hate backstitching? (Don't worry - the fractional stitches were not far behind!)

Here is another friendly guy. All that backstitch (which I hate) really finishes it off!

And one more in the last carriage! What a difference all the fractional stitches and backstitches make!

You might notice that I did not precisely enjoy stitching this piece, but the end product is well worth it. (Did I mention all the backstitch?)
Well, it is my birthday in less than a week - next Sunday to be precise. I have been 'playing' with charting for years now, but have only shared it with friends and family up to now. I have also done lots of photo charting as a service and have stitched some of my own - unfortunately given as gifts, so no photos!
I have finally decided to share some of my own charting with others. I will have a free chart giveaway on my birthday for everyone who leaves a comment on that post - Sunday 25 October, so watch this space! (It is an alphabet sampler - I will try to post a sneak preview later in the week.)
Enjoy the rest of the week and happy stitching!


Carol said...

Oh my--that is darling, Michelle, and the colors are so bright and cheerful! What a lot of work you put into it--I hope the baby's parent's appreciate all of your time...

Unknown said...

This is just too cute! That middle guy is my favourite - who won't love a face like that!!

Cath said...

Wow , that is gorgeous. I love the little parrot.
Backstitch is my pet hate too , yet I always seem to pick designs with loads of the stuff . Grrrrr

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness that is wonderful. I love it.
So glad to have found your blog. Cape Town is my favourite place. My in-laws emigrated there some years ago. I married on the top of Table Mountain in 2006. Love Michelle x

Mylene said...

That is such a great sampler you've finished, so bright and cheery colours. I am sure it will be treasured.