Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spring Tree Fairy WIP

Weekend again! I've done very little on Mary Wigham this past week, so I decided to share another WIP with you. This is Spring Tree Fairy by Mary Baxter St. Clair and is a full colour printed design by Candamar Designs Inc.
It is an embellished cross stitch piece, so it should go quickly, but it is printed on Aida and as soon as I start work on it again I'm reminded why I packed it away in the first place! I just can't get used to working on the harder fabric again and yet it is such a beautiful design. The thread colours are also absolutely gorgeous.
On this pic you can see how little stitching actually needs to be done. They also make use of full stitches and half stitches in both 1 and 2 ply.
As you can see, she has such a beautiful face! I must really finish this piece :)
Thank you for all the kind words about the little towel I stitched as well as the Fimo roses. I have made some other Fimo pieces - as you can see I only had a few colours to work with! This is my first attempt at the little teapot. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, since I'm not into miniatures, but it is fun to make!
I also made this little pig for no apparent reason! Maybe he can be my stitching mascot ;-)
The good news is that I went to the craft shop and now have a few more colours of the Fimo. Now I can add leaves to my roses and bake them. Other good news - while snooping around in the craft shop I found this delightful little bucket of beads! It's like having a new toy :)
Here is a close up of all the lovely shades and shapes of beads. I hope I can put some of them to use soon.
Have a great weekend - I hope to get some hours in on Mary Wigham - can you believe that the final part was released earlier this week!


Unknown said...

Oh, the little teapot is too cute and I agree - she has a beautiful face!

Blu said...

That pig is adorable. I love the face!

Unknown said...

Hi michelle im jennifer and i am currently struggling with the codes and colors for the spirng tree fairy .could i ask you to help me to put the codes? Just take a picture of how you put it .i would really appreciate it .please thank you so much