Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Beautiful Gift from Brazil!

I have been so lucky lately - I have received another wonderful stitching gift! Lee Albrecht from Flores no Jardim sent me a package containing two of her beautiful kits. Lee has an embroidery school in Brazil and specializes in Hardanger embroidery and also combines cross stitching with some of her Hardanger designs.

I regularly visit her blog to admire the lovely work of her and her students (wishing I had more time to do some Hardanger embroidery again!) - this year she decided to send a kit to a different country every month and I was chosen for February!
This is the kit I selected, it combines cross stitch and Hardanger to create a stunning rose accented pillow. The kit contains chart, fabric and all the threads.
She also included this Hardanger kit - it is her basic course in Hardanger and contains a full set of instructions, fabric and threads.
You can have a look on her blog for more of her beautiful designs. Thanks again Lee - I will definitely enjoy stitching these lovely pieces!

Furthermore, it is still sweltering here - temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius predicted for the next two weeks and they are already saying it will probably persist for the next month! To top it all off, I woke up with a sore throat today!
Enjoy the rest of the week - I have a small finish that I will share soon :)
Happy Stitching!


Lee Albrecht said...

obrigado pelas palavras de carinho. E quero que você tenha o mesmo prazer de bordar estes kits, como as aminhas alunas tem.
Qualquer dúvida me escreva. Começe pelo curso básico que vai facilitar bastante seu trabalho.
um grande beijo

Anonymous said...

Lucky you again!!!! I'm a bit (no, I'm very) envious.... Beautiful kits , I can't wait seeing them finished Michelle ! I love hardanger embroidery , too :)
Have a nice day!
oh, and thank you so much for your ver kind comment!

Carol said...

Congratulations, Michelle--you certainly did receive a lovely gift! Lee's blog is gorgeous, too--thanks for the tip.

I hope your sore throat doesn't progress into a full cold or flu--try to get some extra rest :)

Unknown said...

How very wonderful and generous of Lee. I have never seen these designs - they are just beautiful (thanks for the link). So which one will you start first?

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Vinniey said...

Lucky you, Michelle! Both kits are so lovely and beautiful! Looking forward to see you start working on it. :) Hope you are feeling well soon.

Maria Filomena said...

felicidades com o seu novo trabalho. Eu sou a Maria Filomena, e também ganhei um kit da Lee. Temos algo em comum - gostarmos de trabalhos manuais, de bordar, de termos sido agraciadas com um presente da Lee e de compartilharmos a amizade dela.
Um grande abraço
Maria Filomena

Edit said...

You received a beautiful gift. I hope we will see one of them soon on your blog :)

Take care with your throat!


Siobhán said...

Wow, Michelle, what a wonderful gift! Lucky you. Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Lovely gift - enjoy. Love Michelle x

Mylene said...

What a beautiful gifts, Michelle. Enjoy and looking forward to see your progress with it.